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To inspire your menu innovation, look to our latest collection of on-trend products and culinary concepts that satisfy customers, bolster your bottom line and hone your competitive edge.

These products offer versatility and cross-utilization opportunities that keep costs low while delivering on guest expectations.

Featured Products

Black beans are simmered with tomato, onion, garlic, chili powder and dried espresso beans, then finished with a hint of honey.

Reorder Number: 465333

Flavor-forward, rich and creamy, this vibrant vegetarian soup features a sweet carrot flavor followed by a slight heat from its spices.

Reorder Number: 465327

This soup is fresh and creamy, with tomatos, zucchini and onions, then finished with savory Parmesan and Romano cheeses.

Reorder Number: 465366

A colorful and fun take on the on-trend birthday cake flavor, the Confetti Cheesecake makes every occasion special.

Reorder Number: 459205

Shatterproof and recyclable, this drinkware offers the look of glass with the ease of plastic, perfect for outdoor service.

Reorder Number: 487763

This cheesecake capitalizes on unique breakfast flavors, with a baked waffle standing in for the crust and a sweet maple cheesecake filling.

Reorder Number: 459212

Multipurpose, these Mason Jars are great for all beverages, including craft sodas, infused waters, custom tea blends and more.

Reorder Number: 487743

Chunks of peach are swirled into a smooth and creamy peach-infused cheesecake. Balsamic flavor provides balance and complexity.

Reorder Number: 459223

It’s the best of a traditional pecan pie mashed up with a creamy cheesecake, tapping into nostalgia, comfort and familiar flavors.

Reorder Number: 459172

All natural, non-GMO and kosher this blend is a unique combo of red rice, wheat, farro and grano. It’s nutrient-rich and wholesome.

Reorder Number: 476975

With well-known quinoa and lesser-known millet, amaranth, kaniwa and teff, this blend is a delicious alternative to rice, couscous and plain quinoa.

Reorder Number: 346427

With a higher yield and fat content compared to Asian and South American octopus, Spanish Octopus offers more portions, better flavor and increased tenderness.

Reorder Number: 722261 (507793 in Taunton)

Bronzini is a delicate, mild, almost-sweet flavored fish. It’s perfect to fillet tableside for a dramatic presentation.

Reorder Number: 224011 (591740 in Aberdeen, Douglasville, Miami, Plant City, Texas)

With fresh fruit juice, water and sugar this "fresh water" concentrate boasts no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

Reorder Number: 456023

A combo of Pomegranate fruit juice and hibiscus floral essence, this all-natural concentrate doesn’t have any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

Reorder Number: 456003

This creamy dressing sports finely chopped cucumber and punchy horseradish. It’s a welcome balance of fresh, clean and bold.

Reorder Number: 275183

This multi-tiered chocolate cake sees three layers of moist dark chocolate cake with Fair Trade ganache filling and mini chocolate chips.

Reorder Number: 493084

This dessert stars a cinnamon graham cracker crust, peach filling baked into a cinnamon cheesecake and a cinnamon crumb topping.

Reorder Number: 452272

Go all in with a cookie butter crust, cookie butter and vanilla cheesecake and cookie butter mousse, topped with a cookie butter crumb.

Reorder Number: 363492

Made with carrots, pineapple, golden raisins, crunchy walnuts and cinnamon—all baked into moist layers of carrot cake.

Reorder Number: 524531

Creamy coconut filling surrounds layers of dark chocolate cake, all of which is covered in dark chocolate ganache and shredded sweet coconut.

Reorder Number: 524563

We start with scratch-baked challah bread. We then bake the challah with maple syrup and heavy cream for a comforting dessert.

Reorder Number: 525287

Real coconut milk is baked into each cake layer. Scratch-made coconut cream pie pudding is added. It’s all enrobed in sweet vanilla buttercream and sweetened coconut flakes.

Reorder Number: 524746

A scratch-made, all-butter shortbread cookie crust is filled with apples, cinnamon and sugar, then finished with a sweet, buttery, crunchy streusel.

Reorder Number: 524608

The flavor of fresh lemon is bursting from this cake, as it’s in everything from the layers to the scratch-made lemon curd to the cream cheese frosting.

Reorder Number: 524587

Fresh Florida orange juice is baked in, then it’s filled with a scratch-made fresh orange juice pudding and covered in sweet orange buttercream frosting.

Reorder Number: 524645

Prized for their earthy, perfumed, delicate flavor, black truffles create a complex finishing salt, adding a premium touch to a host of dishes.

Reorder Number: 894812

A blend of natural sea salt, coffee, cocoa and vanilla, this adds high-impact flavor. It’s also all-natural, gluten-free and kosher.

Reorder Number: 476947

Rooted in authenticity and the quest for global flavors, our Pho Seasoning is ready to use, versatile and labor-saving.

Reorder Number: 477293

As a dry, ready-to-use starter, this hot sauce has a long shelf life and is labor- and skill-friendly. Playing into the global trend, it adds authentic flavor.

Reorder Number: 477315