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We know there is more to your business than what you serve from your menu. These third-party vendors can provide you options for your point-of-sale, mobile marketing, menu design, employee management, credit card processing, signage and more. Our goal is to provide our customers with a variety of cost and time savings solutions to evaluate if they are right for their business.

Culinary Cultivations

Culinary Cultivations provides solutions for in-person ServSafe food safety and alcohol safety classes with public and private class options. Food and alcohol safety is important in every operation and it is important to make sure your staff receives an excellent training experience. Classes are currently available in the Midwest with plans to offer classes in additional locations in fall of 2017. Registration is just a click away with the online registration process.

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LeanPath - Food waste prevention systems

On average, foodservice operators throw away 4–10% of the food they purchase before it even reaches a customer’s plate. That’s a lot of money wasted by overproduction, excessive trim, and spoiled or expired items. LeanPath can help you take control of food waste and boost your bottom line.

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MenuStudioPlus - Menu marketing

MenuStudioPlus is an exclusive Gordon Food Service web-based creative tool that offers a quick, easy and economical way to design and create custom menus, table tents, banners and more.

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Office Depot - Office supplies

Shop at Office Depot to reduce office supply costs and increase your profits. You’ll enjoy discount rates usually reserved for high-volume purchasers—just for being a Gordon Food Service customer.

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Pro Team Foodservice Advisors

Pro Team (formerly Food Service Management Solutions) provides solutions to operational and facility challenges in K–12 schools. As an alternative to outsourcing, Pro Team Foodservice Advisors can save you thousands of dollars annually.

Pro Team Foodservice Advisors

TextRipple - Mobile marketing

Text messaging is one of the most effective ways to build a customer base that you can tap to fill seats for 95% of text messages are read within five minutes. TextRipple is a mobile marketing leader that can help you easily, effectively and affordably connect with customers through text messaging.

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Terminix - Pest control

The sight of a single insect or rodent in your operation can lose you a customer for life. These pests also can contaminate supplies, damage facilities, and contribute to foodborne illness and other diseases. Terminix offers pest-control services tailored to the needs of foodservice operations like yours.

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Toast - Point-of-sale

Toast is an all-in-one point of sale and restaurant management system. Built specifically for restaurants on an affordable, cloud-based platform, Toast is used nationwide by restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and enterprise franchises.

Toast - Web

TraitSet - Workforce management

An integrated workforce management software pioneer, TraitSet can help you reduce the large expense of employee turnover. They will help you hire the right person for each job and increase employee satisfaction through improved onboarding, training and scheduling.

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Vantiv - Credit card processing and payment services

One of the nation’s top payment processors, Vantiv can help you reduce your card payment costs and risks, process transactions more efficiently, and/or expand your payment options.

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VGS - Signs and displays

From single unit operators to chains with thousands of locations, VGS has over 30 years experience developing effective visual communication systems, including menu boards and POP signage, for some of the top restaurants in the industry.

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When I Work - Employee scheduling and communications

When I Work is an easy way to schedule, manage attendance, and communicate with your staff from your smartphone or PC. You can notify your staff instantly about their work schedule via text, email, and web notifications.

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If you are a Gordon Food Service customers and are interested in learning more about how a third-party professional service provider can strengthen your operation, contact your Customer Development Specialist for a referral.

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These third-party professional service providers are not affiliated with Gordon Food Service and are displayed here for information purposes only. Customers or potential customers of Gordon Food Service are encouraged to learn more about the service provider and independently validate the claims made here or in their promotional materials. Should customers or potential customers of Gordon Food Service seek to engage a third party professional service provider listed here, upon referral by Gordon Food Service, they shall directly contract with the selected vendor.